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Need Help Eliminating Anger on a Golf Course?! COUNT BY 7!

Hey guys - welcome to this week’s “Mid-Week Mindset”, where we take every Wednesday and go off the golf course to try and find a few things that could work for tips and tricks to help you play a little bit better this season. 


For this week’s episode I really want to focus on a mind trick that a good friend of mine Dr. Leah Lagos had taught me years ago while I was playing on tour, and it’s a way of being able to eliminate anger management on the golf course. This is a fantastic tip that she shared with me, and I want to bring it to you as well as we kinda get ready for this season. Hopefully things start on a more positive note, but in the event that you’re not having your best day and you start to get a little fired up I think this is a great tip to help you play a little bit better 

So - what I’ve got on the board here, “Count By 7 To Eliminate Anger”. What the heck am I talking about? When you get charged up on a golf course, you’re using the part of your brain called the Limbic System, which is really your emotional centre. So you’re over here, your charged up, you’re getting angry- we need to bring you back into the present, so this is a mind-hack to do that. This is going to get you to move from your limbic system over to your Neocortex so you can now start to think rationally on the golf course again. And the way to do that is to actually start using math to now remove your emphasis out of your emotional centres. 

So lets just pick a random number, lets go with something crazy - 2167. What I want you to do is to start adding 7 to that number. 

2173, 2180, 2187, so on and so forth. When I’m doing that, I’m not thinking about my anger anymore. I’m actually starting to relax, by shifting the focus from my brain, I’m moving from my limbic emotional centre over to my neocortex or my logical brain 

So when you’re on the golf course this spring, and you find yourself getting a little angry or whatever the case is, I want you to pick a random number, get creative with it, and I want you to immediately start counting by 7. And you’ll notice that you’ll start to calm down, and get really in the moment on the golf course. 

I hope that helps you, and I’ll see you out there. 


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