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If you’re like me, the winter was entirely too long - certainly super excited to get the season going! But there’s a few things that I look at in my golf swing every spring, to really get tuned up for the year. I want to share 5 key things that I look at in my golf swing, that I think might help you as well as we get ready to get back into golf. 


The Grip 

Ok the first swing key I want to look at is really the most important part of your golf swing, and that’s the grip. 

And I want you to look at the grip as really kind of like when you’re getting your bike tuned up after having them in the shed all winter. 

Check your tire pressure and want to make sure you have the right tread

So running with that analogy I’ve got 2 things I want to share with regards to the golf grip- 

#1 is your golf grip pressure - we’ve waited all winter to come out and hit golf balls, the first thing we want to do of course is get up over the ball and we’re getting ready to smash it. We really want to see how much extra distance we’ve picked up, especially with all that off season training and you death grip the club. I think a lot of people that I met last year were really surprised to hear that for the best grip pressure, on a scale of 1 to 10, is actually around a 2 out of 10. You want to hold onto the golf club as if it were a tube of toothpaste with the top turned off, so you want to be able to imagine that you’re swinging that tube and you’re not getting any toothpaste to come out 

So the same thing applies to the golf grip - when you grip it for this year, I really want you to focus on that golf grip pressure, make sure that you’re holding it nice and light, so that someone could almost take the club out of your hands if they pulled it - trust me, when you’re swinging the golf club will not go flying out, you’ll hold onto it naturally. 

The next thing I want to look at in the grip is actually how you’re holding onto it - I know there’s a few different ways that you can hold it, whether that’s interlocking, overlapping, or even baseball grip (and I used to use a baseball grip for quite a long time) 

Really its indifferent how you hold it, except for a couple key things - #1 make sure that you’re holding the golf club mostly in your fingers, you don’t want to have it back in the palm, you want to have it in the fingers, but here’s my little tip and I can it The Flying V’s, so if there’s anybody out there that’s a guitar enthusiast you’ll know all about the Flying V guitar, and I want you to think about the Flying V’s in your golf grip. 

When you hold the golf club, notice that your thumb and the pointer finger they make this little V in both of your hands, so if I’m wearing a golf glove on my left hand you would notice it as well, what I want you to do is certainly be cognizant of that grip pressure, but the next thing is I want you to see both of those v’s between your thumb and your pointer finger pointed over your right shoulder. That’s a little different than a lot of people out there that have their right V pointed over their right shoulder and their left V pointed over their left shoulder, but coming out of the winter time it’s really important to make sure that your hands are rotating properly - so you can adjust this of course as you start to play a little bit more over the course of the summer, but I want you to have both of those v’s, with your left hand and with right hand, I want to see that v pointed over your right shoulder 

And that’s what I’m doing in my golf swing every year as we come out of winter. 

2 things with the grip - The Flying V’s and the Grip Pressure - I think that’s going to be a great thing to look at as you start your season.