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Continuing on with our series to help shake off winter's effects, here is "Part 2 - The Posture" and the keys you should be thinking of when playing this spring. 



Here’s the first simple trick that I look at every spring to make sure that my posture is correct. In my hands Ive got an 8-iron, and this works well with a 7-iron as well. I want you to stand straight upright, and I want you to take your 8-iron or your 7-iron and I want you to point it parallel to the ground right out in front of you. And I think what a lot of people do in the spring is they really round over their shoulders to get up over the ball. Maybe your hamstrings are tight or your back is tight or what have you, certainly that’s the case for myself. But what I like to try and do of course is to take that 8-iron or 7-iron and put it straight out in front of you, and then I want you to picture your hips going straight back. So now that you have the club out in front of you and you’ve gripped it properly, think of your hips as really going straight back. 

Now I know its going to feel awkward and almost like you’re toppling over the ball, but that’s where its really important to make sure that you have a nice flex in your knees, so that you’re able to have a little more weight on your heels, and of course you really feel like your butt is being stuck out
So you’ll feel a little bit tight in your back and your hamstrings, but of course this is something that over the spring and of course over the summer that its really starting to loosen up a little bit more for you
So take your 8-iron or your 7-iron, put it parallel to the ground, point your butt straight back, make sure you’ve got a nice flex in your knees, and that you’re addressed properly. 

The second tip I have for your posture is a way to be able to envision a correct posture out on the golf course so you don’t have to take your club before each swing and check it, stick your butt back, flex your knees, etc. And it’s an old tip that I picked up years ago. And it’s picturing that you have a barstool underneath of your butt, as you’re getting ready to swing the golf club. And again, I know this feels incredibly awkward when you’re not used to it, but over the summer you start to get a little more flexible in your hamstrings and your back and it gets to be a little more comfortable, but what this does of course is it allows you to be able to properly take the club back and set yourself up in the right positions in order to hit the ball properly 

So think about having a barstool underneath of you as you start to hit a few more golf balls this spring, I think that will really start to help your posture as well.