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In our third episode of the "Get The Rust Off Your Game" series, let's explore how a proper takeaway is essential to start your swing off for success!



The third thing that I like to look at every spring as I come out of a winter’s hibernation is the takeaway, or how do we set our golf swing up for success, as we move into playing a little bit more golf. 

So far just for review we’ve looked at the golf grip and how we set up to it through our golf posture, but I think this next piece is just as important - it’s the takeaway, or how do we move the club off the golf ball 

For me, every spring I get so excited to hit it, I throw my hands out in front and the club is new to me, it kind of feels foreign and it feels heavy. 

And you’ll notice that as my hands come back my club kicks out - you see this increase in distance between my hands and my right leg. 

And what happens from there of course is you pick the club up, centrifugal force takes over and you start to cut down on top of it - I’m guilty of that as well. 

So here’s the first thing I look at in the club takeaway is being able to move the club back so that your left hand is the same distance from your right leg as when you started. So again, I work on the range every spring - it’s just the proper takeaway to make sure that the club is starting to rotate open and its starting to move back, but my hands aren’t flaring out too far from my body. So keep it the same distance on the way back from your right leg as when you started. 

And here’s a real quick tip to be able to do that or help to envision being able to do that - is think that your arms are forming a giant triangle. Especially with the golf club. So, your arms are forming this triangle, move that back in one piece as you start to move away. Think of your shoulders as starting to move the club heed further away from the golfball, but altogether in one piece. You’re not lifting the clubbed straight away or certainly have the club hold off behind you, everything is moving together as one piece and again keeping the same distance from your right leg as you start to move the club head back. So, one giant piece with the left arm, the right arm, and the golf club, and move back the exact same distance from your right leg, that’s going to set up the rest of your golf swing for success 

That’s something I look at every spring, and I hope that helps you and your golf game as well.